Introducing myself

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I believe in the huge potential of the human being and in the opportunities represented by its expression within organizations, something that is too often hindered. I know that every person has the capacity to manifest excellence, if adequately led, trained and motivated.

That’s why I work to inspire a new generation of leaders who know how to help unleash this huge energy for the benefit of their organizations and of society at large.

I have more than thirty years international experience either as entrepreneur in various sectors and as consultant, coach and inspirational speaker in the fields of leadership, strategic sustainability and conflict transformation.

In 2014 – 2015 I have been one of the two European professionals selected by the US Obama Presidency YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) program to train a new generation of leaders for the future of Africa. In 2017 I am partner of the Smart Industry Forum in Copenhagen. In 2018 I have Co-founded Exsulting, an Advisory Company that helps Organizations to embrace the Sustainability and Circular Economy paradigm in their operations. I am Associated Professional at,  a social enterprise based in Brussels working internationally on sustainable development projects.

If you are a leader who wants to develop his/her organization, adding value to society, fostering the development of your people, unleashing creativity and innovation aimed at Sustainability and the Circular Economy, I will be by your side with enthusiasm and dedication to help you in your mission.

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LL.M. Hons (1st Class), MS in Communication, I specialized in Sustainability Systems Management at Harvard University.

I am a member of various Scientific Societies and represent my Country in the Steering Committee of EACH, (the International Association for Communication in Healthcare), the most important international Scientific Society in the field.

I have been trained in the EFQM Performance Framework and to the Lean Six Sigma approach.

After a three year training I have acquired the EACH Certificate of “Deep Studies of Communication in Healthcare” as Trainer.


I have published books on various issues, among them strategic sustainabioity, ethics in business, conflict transformation, communication in Medicine and the crisis of modern society. Some of my books are available in both Italian and English.

I am a regular collaborator of the specialized magazine Leadership & Management and regularly publish articles on leadership, sustainability and conflict transformation on Pulse and other social platforms, as well as on my own blog.

I have published various essays and articles on peace studies and on Mahatma Gandhi, of whom I am a passionate scholar, receiving in 2007 the prestigious prize “Tiziano Terzani, Florence for the Cultures of Peace”.

Associations & Volunteering

I have a thorough experience in social engagement in the business field – having served for fifteen years at various executive level in Confindustria, the Italian Employers Association – as well as in civil society – having co-founded and continuing to run as vice President in charge of operations the NGO NEOTOPIA, internationally active for freeing society of Structural Violence.


Exsulting S.r.l. is an innovative Startup that I have founded to develop a breakthrough tool to support companies throughout their journey towards Embedded Sustainability and the Circular Economy: the Embedded Sustainability Index. Browse the Exsulting website to check out the Index and the other services that we provide.

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