Sustainable Leadership

The CASE© Method is a 9 Step guide to the transformation of conflicts and the reinforcement of leadership. In any situation in which there are decisions to make, the Method gives effective hints to focus on all the aspects of decision-making. This book is for executives, managers of both the business and the social sector, politicians, public managers, middle and line managers in any organization. Practically all those who working within complex structures have problems to deal with and wish to acquire effective tools to improve their work-environment and the performances of their organization.

It’s Good Business to do Good with Business

Starting from the work done to write the Value Charter of a client, the book shares a broad scope reflection on Sustainability and enlightened leadership. The book is full of practica examples of success stories of businesses that, setting for themselves some ambitious goals in the three pillar-areas of sutainability – Economic, Environment, Social – have achieved exceptional performances and results. A lean and practical volume, a sort of handbook of effective ethics, with atached a rich appendix of rare ethical texts from Mahatma Gandhi, the inspirer of many modern successful leaders.