CASE®: my revolutionary approach to Leadership

I have created the Method because I know that every day, every moment, people in charge of running a business or leading a team have to make decisions. Every decision involves the reconciliation of different Objectives, Priorities and Needs. This is the Art of Leadership, and the CASE® method is here to help


Objectives are the reason for the organization’s existence. Too often they get overlooked due to the frantic day-to -day management. It is paramount that they remain well clear and that everyone on the organization know, understand and share them. They are achieved according to priorities and satisfy the stakeholders’ needs.


Since resources are limited, priority choices have to be made when pursuing the objectives and satisfying the needs of stakeholders. The various components of an organization can perceive different priorities according to different moments and needs. It is essential that priorities are selected in a way that is shared, effective and that everybody understands that the ultimate goal is the best overall interest.


Satisfying some of those of its stakeholders is the final aim of the objectives of an organization, which exists only for that purpose. Not everybody, though, has the same perception of his/her own needs and of those of others. Often there is confusion about priorities. Here’s why the leadership of the organization must be aware of the various perceptions and reconcile them, keeping the focus of its stakeholders firmly on the common goals, while being ready, if needed, to adjust them.

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